Cincinnati Museum Center uses world-class fossil collection to transport you 450 million years back in time

新展览 隐藏在眼前的远古世界 打开9月. 29

CINCINNATI - Imagine, if you will, owning a bungalow over a tropical sea in Cincinnati. Your new Queen City ocean getaway sounds like paradise – until you notice the strange, 有时会有可怕的生物在你下面滑行. 游到岸边也好不到哪里去, 温度远高于100度的地方, 通常平均接近120度. 欢迎来到辛辛那提奥陶纪.

Cincinnati Museum Center’s upcoming addition to its robust slate of permanent galleries will transport you back in time 450 million years as you evolve your way through the Paleozoic Era – beginning underwater in the Ordovician Period and making your way firmly onto land in the Carboniferous Period. 这样做, 博物馆正在展示其奥陶纪晚期的化石收藏, 被认为是世界上最好的和最大的之一. 新 隐藏在眼前的远古世界 画廊将于9月28日开放.

不知不觉中, many Tristate residents have seen glimpses of these periods for themselves – splashing through local creek beds, 或是在公园里探险,或是在一辆接一辆的车里凝视着“抄近路”. 展览中展出的古生代最早的时期是奥陶纪, 它可以追溯到4.5亿年前——远远早于CMC的恐龙 恐龙大厅 响彻大地,回到三叶虫的时代, 节肢动物, early echinoderms and giant cephalopods thrived in warm marine environments like the one that covered the Greater Cincinnati area so long ago. 隐藏在眼前的远古世界 recreates the Late Ordovician Period marine environment 和 communities that thrived in it.

“Exploring ancient animals and fossil communities are accessible to everyone here in the Cincinnati region. 他们隐藏在众目睽睽之下!Brenda Hunda博士说.D.澳门bbin官方娱乐无脊椎古生物学馆长. “That’s what makes our rocks and fossils so amazing – you can grab a bag and a rock hammer, 去当地的小溪或露头地旅行,把自己带回到过去. It’s the closest thing we have to time travel and we want everyone to have this experience.”

Among the familiar – or strange – faces in the upcoming gallery will be Ohio’s state fossil, Isotelus马克西姆斯, a surprisingly large plated invertebrate that resembles a stretched-out horseshoe crab or an aquatic armadillo. Conical mollusks akin to cone-headed squid and handfuls of brachiopods also mingle in the tropical sea. As the gallery marches through time from the Late Ordovician to the subsequent Silurian and Devonian periods, 随着海洋生物的进化,你会接触到新的生物, 以可怕而告终, 巨大的颚甲鱼 Dunkleosteus.

The gallery uses soundscapes to immerse you deeper and deeper into the depths of the prehistoric sea and ten-foot-wide monitors turn a portion of the gallery into an ancient aquarium where animated trilobites crawl along the sea floor, 鱼和巨大的头足类动物游过头顶 Dunkleosteus 追逐猎物. A gigapixel image of the Edrioasteroid hardground slab allows you to explore the fossilized sea floor through a touchscreen as you uncover fossil facts and reveal what some of the organisms looked like and how they interacted with each other (surrounding cases will have the actual fossil slab itself). Bronze models give you an opportunity to feel the prehistoric animals and a touchable rock full of fossils lets you actually touch fossils for real! Explore more using a magnifying glass and sketch your notes in the accompanying field guide. Profiles and stories introduce professional and hobby paleontologists who are contributing to research and our understanding of these long-gone eras.

隐藏在眼前的远古世界 不只是一个展示其令人印象深刻的化石收藏的机会吗. 突出了这段令人难以置信的当地悠久历史, 该画廊还以气候变化为主题, 进化, 灭绝与物种多样化. By continuing to study fossils and how they responded to similar changes over a long period of time, 我们也许能够更好地理解当今的主要问题.

CMC的希望 隐藏在眼前的远古世界 在你参观之后,激发你自己对发现的追求. 因为辛辛那提是奥陶世晚期化石的热点, 你可以在你的后院开始你自己的古生物学挖掘, 小溪或岩壁, 几乎可以保证成功. It’s fun to learn about the world around us 和 prehistoric world that came before us.

“We hear 450 million years ago and think this time 和se creatures are so far removed from us, 但我们准备向你展示他们比你想象的要近得多,伊丽莎白·皮尔斯说, 总统 & 澳门bbin官方娱乐首席执行官. “Our newest exhibit uses our incredible fossil collection to not just educate you about a bygone era of biodiversity, 但是为了培养好奇心, illuminate career paths for future scientists and inspire connection between people as they discover a new hobby of fossil hunting.”

隐藏在眼前的远古世界 is the latest addition to the award-winning roster of exhibits as CMC continues an extensive museum experience refresh funded by its $112 million Champion More Curiosity campaign. Since 2018, the campaign has opened 15 new or reimagined exhibits and experiences at CMC, including 辛辛那提制造约翰一. 和朱迪·鲁斯文走进自然画廊 in 2022. Additional exhibits and experiences are currently in development with opening dates scheduled through 2024, 2025和2026年. Anyone interested in contributing to the Champion More Curiosity campaign can do so at supportcmc.org, as an add-on gift during your online ticket purchase or in-person at CMC’s box office.


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