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PNC bringing One World, One Sky planetarium to Cincinnati Museum Center

Sesame Street-themed planetarium shows available Sept 28 & 29

CINCINNATI – Cincinnati Museum Center (CMC) and the PNC Foundation (PNC) are giving guests an opportunity to walk among the stars with some of their favorite characters. PNC是一个世界, One Sky Mobile Planetarium will be available for out of this world adventures 九月二十八日及二十九日, CMC的部分 目的地的月亮: The Apollo 11 Mission 展览开幕的周末.

PNC是一个世界, One Sky Mobile Planetarium presents an immersive astronomical experience tailored especially toward young children. 在圆顶, children will view a special planetarium show, “同一个世界, 同一片天空:大鸟历险记.“通过天文学的镜头, 孩子们加入埃尔莫, Big Bird and Hu Hu Zhu – a Muppet from the Chinese coproduction of Sesame Street – as they explore the night sky and take an imaginary trip from Sesame Street to the Moon. In the process they learn the basic principles of math, 几何和物理, 以及彼此的文化. 这个节目, 针对4到6岁的儿童, 是芝麻工坊制作的, the non-profit organization behind Sesame Street and supported by the PNC Foundation.

“Learning and understanding science is an integral part of early childhood education and development,凯·盖格说, PNC regional president for Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. “We are excited to bring PNC是一个世界, One Sky Mobile Planetarium to Cincinnati Museum Center for the grand opening of 目的地的月亮 so even our youngest learners can have a better understanding of space and science.”

The mobile planetarium is an educationally whimsical addition to CMC’s 目的地的月亮 首周末. 目的地的月亮: The Apollo 11 Mission celebrates the historic Moon landing with over 20 objects that flew aboard Apollo 11, including Buzz Aldrin’s gloves and iconic gold-visored helmet, Michael Collins’ wristwatch and the crew’s survival rucksacks. But the highlight of the exhibition is the command module 哥伦比亚, the only portion of the Apollo 11 spacecraft to survive the journey and return home. The Smithsonian-produced exhibition makes the final stop of its national tour in Cincinnati before the objects return permanently to the National Air and Space Museum.

“We’re honored to bring a national treasure to Cincinnati and to celebrate humankind’s greatest scientific achievement,伊丽莎白·皮尔斯说。, president and CEO of Cincinnati Museum Center. PNC的“同一个世界”的加入, One Sky Mobile Planetarium is such a treat for our youngest stargazers and an invaluable experience as they begin to dream of their own giant leaps.”

PNC是一个世界, One Sky Mobile Planetarium will be available 10 a.m. 至5便士。.m. 九月二十八日及二十九日. Special time will be set aside to provide an exclusive experience for children with special needs. PNC是一个世界, One Sky is included with a Discovery Ticket but does not include admission to 目的地的月亮 或CMC的博物馆. 欲了解更多信息,请澳门bbin官方娱乐

目的地的月亮: The Apollo 11 Mission is made possible by the support of Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos, Joe Clark, Bruce R. McCaw家庭基金会, the Charles and Lisa Simonyi Fund for Arts and 宝盈bbin官方网站s, 约翰和苏珊·诺顿,还有格雷戈里·D. 和詹妮弗·沃森·约翰逊.

CMC is grateful for the support of the Carol Ann and Ralph V. 海丽,小./U.S. Bank Foundation, the Farmer Family Foundation, the Harold C. Schott基础,西方 & 南方金融集团和工作Ohio.

Cincinnati Museum Center (CMC) at 结合终端 is a nationally recognized institution and national historic landmark. Dedicated to sparking community dialogue, 洞察力和灵感, CMC was awarded the 2009 National Medal for Museum and Library Service from the Institute of Museum and Library Services and received accreditation from the American Alliance of Museums in 2012. CMC is one of a select few museums in the nation with both of these honors, making it a unique asset and a vital community resource. 结合终端 has been voted the nation's 45th most important building by the American Institute of Architects. Organizations within CMC include the 辛辛那提历史博物馆, 杜克能源儿童博物馆, 宝盈bbin官方网站 & 宝盈bbin官方网站,罗伯特·D. 林德纳家庭澳门bbin官方娱乐® 宝盈bbin官方网站和辛辛那提历史图书馆 & 档案. Recognized by Forbes Traveler Magazine as the 17th most visited museum in the country, CMC welcomes more than one million visitors annually. 欲了解更多信息,请澳门bbin官方娱乐

The PNC Foundation, which receives its principal funding from The PNC Financial Services Group (, actively supports organizations that provide services for the benefit of communities in which it has a significant presence. The foundation focuses its philanthropic mission on early childhood education and community and economic development, 其中包括艺术和文化. 通过成长伟大, 它的标志性原因始于2004年, PNC has created a bilingual $500 million, multi-year initiative to help prepare children from birth to age 5 for success in school and life. To learn more about PNC Grow Up Great, please go to