Request for Proposal for a ticketing system for the 澳门bbin官方娱乐(CMC) and National Underground Railroad Freedom Center (NURFC) in 辛辛那提, OH.

The 辛辛那提 Museum Center and National Underground Railroad Freedom Center are seeking proposals from vendors to supply a unified solution to process museum admission tickets and membership sales, 通过多种销售渠道. This system must meet the functional requirements as outlined in the Request for Proposal document to meet the two institutions present and future ticketing needs.

任何查询, 要求翻译, 技术问题, 澄清, 或其他资料,请寄至 tickets@mlbsluggers.com. All 问题 shall be received no later than 5:00 P.M.美国东部时间2022年11月25日. If required, RFP 澄清s can be provided in a scheduled meeting. This meeting will not serve as a product presentation.


2022年11月25日: RFP澄清的截止日期
2022年12月5日至23日: 向供应商发出RFP澄清
2023年12月30日: 报告/提案截止日期
2023年3月31日: 选择2-3名最终候选人
2023年6月30日: 申请人选择
2023年7月1日至2024年7月1日: 实现

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The Emerging Scholars Fellowship is a new initiative that invites researchers to use CMC’s manuscript collections in the 澳门bbin官方娱乐. 每个日历年, 2美元的奖学金,000 will assist one such researcher in an approved and sanctioned project. The funds may be used at the discretion of the researcher, 包括运输费用, 住房, 照顾孩子, 影印, 等. 获奖者将获得1美元,000 at the beginning of their fellowship and the remaining $1,在他们完成研究后,我们将支付给他们1000万美元.


Who may apply for the Emerging Scholars Fellowship?

  • Applicants enrolled in and working toward an advanced degree (Masters or PhD) in history, 公共历史, or museum studies at an accredited college or university. 本科生不符合资格.
  • Applicants teaching as part-time adjunct professors or instructors.
  • 自认为是独立学者的申请者.

澄清一下, 新兴 suggests that applicants are either in training for their future careers or working in a teaching position that does not offer institutional support for research.

CMC is committed to diversity, equity, access, and inclusion. We acknowledge how we’re alike and embrace how we’re different. When we work with empathy and equity, we can build a better community together.


Please share how you plan to use CMC’s collections to uncover stories of our region’s history. CMC’s manuscript holdings represent a broad geographic and cultural footprint. 帮助我们发现我们收藏的珍宝. CMC encourages a variety of projects, from scholarly articles to podcasts to blogs.

In your application, please include the following:

  • 项目的暂定标题
  • 项目总结, 包括专题概述, a list of collections you intend to use in your research, 你希望发现什么(2页), 双倍行距).
  • 来自指导或导师的推荐信.
  • 最近的C的复印件.V. (不超过3页).
  • How you plan to share your project results with CMC.


  • Demonstrate a clear plan to use CMC’s manuscript collections.
  • Explore new and/or compelling narratives about 辛辛那提’s regional history.
  • 链接到更广泛的国家叙事.

将申请寄至: library@mlbsluggers.com
报告: Jill Beitz – Manager of Reference and Research, 澳门bbin官方娱乐

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辛辛那提 Museum Center (“CMC”) /National Underground Railroad Freedom Center (“NURFC”) wants to maintain a competitive benefits program strategically positioned to improve benefit results and provide high-value choices for employees.

We are currently seeking proposals for a consulting and brokerage strategic partnership for our employee benefits program.

Decision criteria for selecting a partner include:

  • 对业务的战略方法
  • 优化福利支出的能力
  • Competencies in benchmarking and competitive positioning
  • 文化和理念与组织的契合度

2023年4月14日: RFP发送给提议的经纪人
2023年4月30日: RFP澄清的截止日期
2023年5月12日: RFP responses due back from Vendors by end of business Day
2023年5月31日: 完成建议书评审
2023年6月20日: In-person Interviews of finalists selected (if applicable)
2023年6月30日: 最后的决定


请使用标题提交您的提案, 问题, 刻字, and numbering shown and be as direct and brief as possible in your response. 建议可以通过电子邮件发送到 rfp@mlbsluggers.com.

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CMC seeks an independent contractor to help process archival photographic prints and negatives (both nitrate and acetate) from the Betz-沼泽 Collection. This collection includes the body of work of 辛辛那提-based photographer Sargent (Sarge) J. 沼泽. 沼泽摄影公司., 专门从事商业和库存摄影, 包括目录和平面广告, 空中调查, 电影和戏剧作品, 以及商业/零售摄影. The Contract Archivist will assess and prepare the Betz-沼泽 Collection for preservation and user accessibility. Under the management of the CMC’s Curator of Photographs, 打印, 和媒体, they will work in accordance with CMC’s collections policy and ensures that activity takes place in accordance with legal, 道德, 以及专业标准. The Contract Archivist will assess individual item conditions, identify proper archival storage needs for collection items, 物理存储材料, and implement archival systems to ensure the overall accessibility and preservation needs of this unique collection are met using industry standards.

任何查询, 要求翻译, 技术问题, 澄清, 或其他资料,请寄至 abalasko@mlbsluggers.com

Please see HERE for the full position description.


澳门bbin官方娱乐(CMC), 西大道1301号, 辛辛那提, OH 45203 invites interested parties to respond to the 征求建议书 for professional landscaping services.

Parties that respond should submit a detailed Statement of Qualifications providing all information described in this announcement. Responses shall be emailed to the two (2) email addresses below with “PROFESSIONAL LANDSCAPING SERVICES” as the Subject. Statements of qualifications must be received by CMC no later than 2022年9月30日下午4:30.


Please download, review and complete the following documents:


欲了解更多信息,请联系 rfp@mlbsluggers.com.