Discover the wonder of nature untamed

Join us on an incredible journey, through the untouched serenity and untamed wilds of Africa. Where lions roar and wildebeests thunder. Stunning cinematography takes you closer to iconic animals than ever before and proves that the circle of life is timeless.

See one of the world’s greatest environments through the eyes of its inhabitants, including the youngest members of the animal tribes as they imitate their parents and learn about the mighty roles they’ll play in it. Walk with elephants as they lumber across the savanna and survey your kingdom perched atop a rock alongside a cheetah. Watch storm clouds roll across a sprawling landscape and soar across mountains, volcanoes and rivers.

Through breathtaking aerial cinematography and drone footage that takes you closer to these animals than ever before, discover the thriving wilderness of the Serengeti.

Serengeti: Journey to the Heart of Africa is produced by Definition Studios and distributed by K2 Studios.